A poetry to the restlessness felt on 20s

A pic of pal of mine that I took awhile ago, under the bright sun and cloudy morning

A young man with great plans

A young man with big dreams

A young man with complicated thoughts

A young man with uncertainty things

A young man with pressures

A young man with confusions

Finish the study or go make penny


A poem to the lonesome during the pandemic for we’d better even must stay at home :)

A pic I took before the pandemic

On a gloomy morning, I sit on my pillowy couch

While looking outside, it’s raining, drench

I feel the breeze touches my skin

I see the rain falling

I’m realizing

Days have been passed

No lovely memories made

But isolated

Couldn’t stand looking at the date

Only stand looking at the facetime between me & my date

Couldn’t stand looking at those deadlines

Only stand looking at my favorite netflix series

Couldn’t stand this boredom

Only stand the lonesome