Life of 20s

A poetry to the restlessness felt on 20s

A pic of pal of mine that I took awhile ago, under the bright sun and cloudy morning

A young man with great plans

A young man with big dreams

A young man with complicated thoughts

A young man with uncertainty things

A young man with pressures

A young man with confusions

Finish the study or go make penny

Create individually or join ventures bravely

Go back home or go build home

Knit a love story or work on career satisfactory

Being dependent or being independent

One body, one mind, with thousands thoughts

A mess in this head can never ends

Two hands, two feet, will do lots of works

A bunch of penny needed for future awaits

Gonna carry the weight of world on the shoulders

There are always ways to get rid of the pressures

Heavy is the head who wears the crown

There are burdens to be carried but it won’t let you drown :)